A Practical Bulgarian Grammar for English Speakers

A Practical Bulgarian Grammar for English Speakers
Цена:19.99 лв.
Размери:16.20 / 23.90 / 1.10 cm
Формат:Мека корица
Автор:Марин Загорчев 
A comprehensive guide to Bulgarian grammar and usage. Clear explanations, real - life examples and varied exercises. The practical Bulgarian Grammar for English Speakers is a grammar book intended to serve as a textbook and reference manual for all learners of Bulgarian at all learning levels. If you are at the very start of a Bulgarian language course and you need more information about the basic grammar rules, or you already speak the language but you are baffled by construction that you hear in spoken Bulgarian and were not explained in your basic course, this book will give you more knowledge about how the language really works. If you study or teach Bulgarian or other Slavic languages at university and you need another view on grammar, or you are just a language enthusiast, this book will reveal for you some details about Bulgarian Grammar that you are not likely to learn in standart textbooks.
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